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Name the most PRESTIGIOUS HOTEL in the following CITIES    08/20/18  (210)
These Are the Best Movies Since 2000    08/19/18  (176)
All living former CIA directors tell Trump/Putin the game is up (LINK)    08/19/18  (170)
Come ITT and list your favorite 5 movies of all time (not necessarily The Best)    08/19/18  (161)
Reminder: Trump/Russia/alt-right want to destroy COLLEGE football too    08/18/18  (156)
Why are women so into rough sex?    08/16/18  (135)
Married couple making $1 million/yr able to save $54k/yr (link)    08/18/18  (134)
Staying in a hostel room with two 16yo British girls    08/20/18  (132)
Feminist lesbo prof gets MeTood by gay student; xo catnip ITT    08/17/18  (125)
Xo poll: gf/wife cooks something she knows you don't like.    08/15/18  (114)
Real talk: Catholicmos, you have to seriously kill every homosexual priest    08/16/18  (108)
Got Save The Date For PDDJ's White Trash HS Friend Wedding. Told Her "Have Fun"    08/17/18  (104)
If you don't know the name of an ancestor here pre 1800, you have to go back    08/16/18  (103)
IT oopsie leads to the execution of dozens of CIA assets    08/18/18  (98)
Gonna be seriously lulzy when RSF gets blueballpwn3d in Seoul this month    08/20/18  (97)
Did Modern Jews Originate in Italy?    08/19/18  (96)
who is *the* most credited 20th century philosopher?    08/17/18  (96)
What do you think you get during a private yoga session with this girl?    08/20/18  (92)
Anybody own a cat? How much work are they? Worth it?    08/19/18  (91)
Dem slogan 2020: "America was never great"    08/18/18  (91)
Holy shit, CNN deep state analyst EXPLODES over security clearance    08/20/18  (88)
CNN sues to reveal names and addresses of Manafort jury    08/18/18  (88)
Proud owner of a sWEET 2011 MUSTANG. ALL CASH BUYER. Taking ?s ITT (pics)    08/19/18  (86)
Omarosa states her final tape could bring down the administration.    08/20/18  (85)
There are 101 Americans with $1M+ in student loans    08/15/18  (83)
"Men's preference for younger women is another sign of masculinity in crisis"    08/20/18  (80)
Just took a pumo to a mediation... (CSLG)    08/19/18  (80)
Manafort Judge: "Reasonable doubt is a doubt based on reason". Error?    08/18/18  (76)
Kind of crazy but Jesus died and in doing so saved us (humanity)    08/20/18  (74)
Tucker goes off about college.    08/14/18  (74)
Your favorite biglaw partner taking Qs ITT while pounding a handle of Louis XIii    08/19/18  (73)
2nd date with my tranny gf tonight. wish me luck bros    08/19/18  (69)
taking q's or giving q's ITT, right now, for a few minutes (Carl Spackler)    08/17/18  (69)
How did academia become so liberal? What happened? Was it always that way    08/18/18  (68)
The Taliban are on a roll, wiping out NATO-backed forces left and right    08/16/18  (67)
every fucking woman these days is a " squirter" and it's pissing me off    08/19/18  (67)
Democracy Needs the Press as the Opposition Party    08/20/18  (66)
Guy who strikes out at OCI shits all over CSLG like shitlawyers    08/19/18  (66)
Richard Spencer's womanizing has destroyed the alt-right    08/19/18  (66)
is visiting Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan on same trip CR?    08/20/18  (65)
New Frontline on Charlottesville    08/17/18  (65)
Honest q: how would your gf/wife react to you getting fired? laid off?    08/20/18  (64)
will going in-house solve my woes?    08/19/18  (64)
Give me a city in the USA. I give you a cool roadtrip from there.    08/14/18  (62)
Hillary Clinton: Aborting 60 million babies added $3.5 trillion to the economy    08/17/18  (61)
V20 callback interviewer taking questions    08/16/18  (61)
Best restaurant you've actually been to?    08/19/18  (60)
attention to detail is extremely womanly    08/17/18  (60)
I got dinged by a coworker, feels so shitty    08/20/18  (59)
Who is your favorite President of the United States? Pic one from each party.    08/17/18  (59)
Lena Dunham looks sexier than ever celebrating her hysterectomy (pics)    08/16/18  (59)
*Circle of Life plays as South Africa begins to seize white-owned farms*    08/20/18  (58)
Reddit is oppressively banal    08/18/18  (58)
'Ancient Aliens' on the History Channel outperforms CNN in primetime    08/18/18  (58)
I really have very little energy for online dating    08/19/18  (57)
Are Jews really behind multiculturalism? Jews are fleeing UK and France    08/19/18  (56)
Media unleashes coordinated editorial-board attack - Trump bends the knee (link)    08/19/18  (56)
Manafort jury sends note to judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!    08/17/18  (55)
how CR was the movie: The Wolf of Wall Street?    08/15/18  (55)
Wife was spread-eagle ready to go when I got out of the shower this morning    08/18/18  (54)
Seems like for how much work it takes to be Big Law partner, comp isn't that gre    08/19/18  (53)
Xo Poll: does the Trump N-word tape exist?    08/15/18  (53)
how do white bros do in japan?    08/19/18  (51)
CO man confesses to killing wife, 2 daughters after feigning concern on news    08/17/18  (51)
Anyone in KUALA LUMPUR?    08/19/18  (51)
NYT acknowleges connection between race and IQ the jig is up    08/19/18  (50)
JFC, just found out a 3rd guy I fucked once has become a TRANNY    08/18/18  (50)
What is a responsible mortgage for guy making around 150k?    08/20/18  (49)
Jurors would not be taking this long to acquit Manafort    08/20/18  (49)
bro of mine got his ear smashed w/pipe and punched repeatedly by Brooklyn dindus    08/20/18  (48)
Notre Dame alternate uniform.    08/17/18  (48)
Pencil necked geeks ruined MLB, saved NBA    08/19/18  (48)
Korean man punches Black Woman after her kid steals a keychain at his store    08/14/18  (48)
Excluding Mandy, would you experience grief leaning TMF died?    08/20/18  (47)
Mormons: "Don't call us Mormons."    08/18/18  (47)
I drank 4 16 oz. Miller Lites in 50 minutes during lunch today    08/17/18  (47)
Omarosa is Trump's Frankenstein. He created her--and he can destroy her.    08/16/18  (47)
i would like to take some qs on being a middle aged asian woman    08/17/18  (46)
#1 strategy Trump/GOP can pursue: pointedly asking whites: 'do you want to be a    08/16/18  (46)
lateraling as a partner. how much should i ask    08/16/18  (46)
The 2008 election was pretty damn funny overall    08/14/18  (46)
Trump already riled up at 7:35am.    08/14/18  (46)
Priest-less Roman Catholicism not that farfetched    08/20/18  (45)
Wife refuses to have missionary sex. Says gut interferes in our lovemaking.    08/19/18  (45)
colt in the same week: I just had a baby! I just closed on a house! Look at me!!    08/19/18  (45)
Anywhere on earth RSF has NOT been?    08/19/18  (44)
Would you rather be an alpha Chad to a fat girl or a beta cuck to a hot girl?    08/18/18  (44)
Rating poasters as US govt ideas to overthrow Castro    08/15/18  (44)
tell me about new jersey suburbs...    08/14/18  (44)
rate the last shit you took    08/18/18  (43)
Im calling bullshit on Apple in general    08/18/18  (43)
Where the FUCK are the mods?    08/17/18  (43)
told richkid HS junior I'm tutoring for SAT that I would kill his whole family    08/20/18  (42)
RATE the diet of this BigLaw shrew    08/20/18  (42)
if you've ever interacted with other XO poasters off-board you're pathetic    08/19/18  (42)
Optimal Weightlifting split for newbie    08/16/18  (42)
Doctor Charging My Mom $35 Admin Fee To Obtain An Insurance Pre-Authorization    08/19/18  (42)
Luis wearing a bluetooth at investment seminar: "i have sex w men for money    08/18/18  (42)
How much do you think David Hogg paid NYMag to publish this?    08/20/18  (41)
The funniest Trump defense: "explain his sanctions on Russia."    08/20/18  (41)
30 years later and there still hasn't been a better heist movie than Heat    08/18/18  (41)
Epi pens are like $500 now ljl    08/19/18  (41)
if Trump pardons Manafort Trump's standing in polls won't change even 1%    08/18/18  (41)
Holy fuck I may be getting fired. I tried creating sexual tension with my partne    08/16/18  (41)
Free night in Austin, TX during work trip. Should I stay downtown or near UT?    08/16/18  (41)
Men's bodies look much better than womens in their 30s, 40s, 50s    08/15/18  (41)
"What My 'Knockout Game' Experience Taught Me About My Unconscious Bias" (Vox)    08/16/18  (41)
WTF, this girl just sent me a naked picture unprovoked see ITT    08/19/18  (40)
Anyone going to Europe alone in the next months?    08/19/18  (40)
Giving away awesome Dodger tickets for August 21 (CSLG)    08/20/18  (40)
Why doesn't the Navy build battleships anymore?    08/16/18  (40)
taking ?s about the people I met in rehab    08/16/18  (40)
Today in Russian crime    08/20/18  (39)
Mom Called PDDJ's Mom Antisemite For Comments On Brother's Wife's Family    08/19/18  (39)
How much would repealing celibacy help the Catholic rape problem?    08/18/18  (39)
Didnt learn till well into 2000s that blacks rampaged on whites when MLK died    08/20/18  (38)
Girl from work hooked up with ridiculous Chad    08/19/18  (38)
US tech firms: white Americans need not apply; H1-B Indians only    08/17/18  (38)
In Tampa at Taylor Swift's concert, taking q's    08/16/18  (38)
lmao the ABA has an instagram account. It's worse than you imagine    08/20/18  (38)
Who are "low IQ trumptards"? Every salaried, educated person I know is for MAGA    08/17/18  (38)
Been watching a lot of Monk reruns lately (2002-2009). Culture has changed a lot    08/20/18  (37)
NYT: "how can I cure my white guilt?"    08/17/18  (37)
CNN's Chris Cuomo defends Antifa violence    08/14/18  (37)
just got my STD test back    08/14/18  (37)
Going to CUT with Kenny, Chandler, and a Pumo tonight (CSLG)    08/20/18  (36)
Mother and wife never not hissing at each other like cats    08/19/18  (36)
Come here if you are for me(Boom)    08/18/18  (36)
Asshole next to me on a plane asked me to stop dipping    08/18/18  (36)
Tucker just named global capitalism    08/17/18  (36)
New poll shows Trump's black support up to 36% (link)    08/16/18  (36)
Assfaggot smiling for camera with giant check made out for sex with men    08/18/18  (36)
the lives of young YUPPIES are just flat-out pathetic    08/20/18  (35)
XO Catholics, what will it take to embrace Osteen?    08/20/18  (35)
More Strikeouts Than Hits? Welcome to Baseballs Latest Crisis (NYT)    08/19/18  (35)
LA Times: we're not gonna attack Trump like other papers (twist)    08/16/18  (35)
Is Arizona nice and chill? Worth living?    08/17/18  (35)
remember how creepy 25 year olds were when you were in college?    08/20/18  (34)
Oldmos, explain what MFH was like in the late 90s    08/19/18  (34)
Anyone have suggestions for BRUNEI?    08/20/18  (34)
Lowest projected survival rate for Mars mission you would accept?    08/19/18  (34)
Windows crashes, an old boomer dies.    08/19/18  (34)
Why is Muellers team working/staying at the Westin?    08/18/18  (34)
Sweden looks like a warzone    08/14/18  (34)